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1: 200 High Frequency Current Transformer

  • Метро, улица: No. 23 Rouji Rd,East Substrict, Huang Yan, Tai Zhou, Zhe Jiang, China
  • Регион: TaiZhou
  • Город: Барнаул
  • Область: Амурская область
  • Размещено: 20.05.2021 22:29
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Our History
Quality Standard and Custom Design Products
LIOU Current Transformer has been an industry leader in design and production of current transformer products for over 20 years. Our focus is to build quality products designed to meet your needs. You may choose from any of our standard products or we can design and build a custom solution specifically for your application.
Designed, Manufactured and Distributed From One Location
Every aspect of your order is handled in house allowing us the opportunity to design, manufacture and ship your current transformer product quickly. Each order is reviewed by one of our qualified engineers to make sure the product you are ordering will work for you.
Superior Goals and Higher Expectations
It is the goal of LIOU Current Transformer to maintain its position as a worldwide industry leader in current transformer design and production. We will accomplish this by providing you with quality products and services that meet or exceed your current and future expectations.
Our Objective Is For You to Have Full Confidence in LIOU Current Transformer. We look forward to demonstrating to you the superior quality and customer service our customers have come to expect from LIOU Current Transformer.
Our Product
Transformers, Inductors,Electronic transformer ,Current Transformer, Planar transformer, DC Immune Current Transformer, Micro Current Transformer, High Frequency Current Transformer, DC Pulse Current Transformer, Center Through Current Transformer, Split Core Current Transformer, Three-Phase Current Transformer, Voltage Transformer.
Product Application
Manufacturing, processing, sales of speech reporting equipment, displays and complete sets of equipment, instrument transformers, inductors, transformers, iron core; metal processing. (Projects that are subject to approval according to the law may only be carried out after approval by the relevant department).
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Reel package machine,Toroidal winding machine,Planar transforemr produciton line,Laser marking machine.1: 200 High Frequency Current Transformer

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